‘Tihihi’ – Acrylic on Board


60,8 cm x 40,3 cm

Original Painting to brighten your day – There’s nothing quite like the innocent, cheeky freedom of children playing together.

This piece is painted with acrylic on board with wonderfully bright and bold hue’s of green, which contrast superbly with the dark jungle in the background. The copper frame is painted around the artwork for extra dazzle. Particular care was taken to really capture the pure joy these boys are experiencing, whilst out in the tropical rain, covered only by a giant leaf. How can one not feel happy, when looking at their bright, gleaming smiles. There’s nothing quite like the innocent, cheeky freedom of children playing together. 

My inspiration for this collection was to capture those beautiful moments of children from all over the world, showing that no matter how many conflicts might arise between countries, children are the innocent link. It makes no difference whether the country they are from is considered wealthy or poor, kids have an amazing capability to play with anything and anyone. In their untainted mind, they purely decide whether they like a person based on their first-hand experience, not their colour, race or nationality. As humans grow old they get tainted by certain beliefs about another nation, which leads to conflicts and wars. Why can’t we take a page from the untainted child’s mind and play with each other, as we are all someone’s child.


Dimensions 60.8 × 40.3 cm


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