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‘Raw Wonderment’ – Watercolour on Paper


21 cm x 29,7 cm

A great reminder of the wonder in all things – There’s nothing quite like the expression of awe on the face of a child, amazed by all the simple miracles of life.

Do you remember that ‘Raw Wonderment’ you felt as a child, when something simply blew your little mind? There’s nothing quite like it.

The expression of this little boy is remarkably beautiful, as he stares up at the magical flickers in the sky. He holds tightly onto his little candle in the jar, which illuminates his chin with a warm, gentle glow, accentuating those adorable rosy cheeks. The warm hues from the candle light make a wonderful contrast against the cool tones of the vague forest in the background.

This watercolour is part of the collection ‘A Child’s Delight’, which is my appreciation of that marvelous marvel children feel for the world and their pure way of being able to play, no matter what the circumstances. This is an ongoing collection, as it is a subject that motivates me greatly.


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