Natalie J Cheetham at the Blueskin Bay Gallery

Hello, thanks for dropping by.
If you like bright, bold and imaginative art then you’ve come the right place. My art is inspired by the desire to express my sheer and utter love and appreciation for the beauty in the world and every living being in it.

I marvel at the world with a curious and imaginative eye, always exploring new ways to merge dreams with reality. The miracle of having an imagination and being able to capture what we can otherwise only see in our dreams is my constant fuel for inspiration, hence why I love the surreal.

New Zealand Artist Oil Paint Natalie J Cheetham


Please see my vast array of paintings. I love both the real and the surreal, as there’s often a fine line between dreams and reality…

Natalie J Cheetham - Illustrations


Here you can explore the raw unleashing of my subconscious mind. As one of my tutors once said, “Goh blimey Natalie, I wouldn’t want to live inside your head!”
I rather enjoy it in here though I must say!

Mural Natalie J Cheetham


If given the chance, I would transform every bland, dull city wall into a beautiful portal to another world!

Portrait of Girl

Pet Portraits

Here you can see a collection of my commissioned pet portraits to date…

If you would like to get in touch with me about any of the artwork,
If you would like to get in touch with me about any of the artwork,

please either fill out a form or email me at

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