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‘Oohhh Bubbles’ – Oil on Canvas


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Nothing can compare with the expression of absolute glee in the face of a child, when they are so mesmerised by something as simple as a bubble. What a wonderfully happy and warm artwork, with such soft and earthy tones in the background contrasting beautifully with the cool blue t-shirt of the cheery little boy.

Painting this piece brought me so much joy, as I always seem to imitate the expression I’m painting while putting down the brush strokes, so in this case I couldn’t stop smiling. I also really enjoyed smooshing the blurry soft background together, and to make things a little bit surreal I decided to add a tiny little hut on the left of the boy, as I love playing with different perspectives and sizes.

This is another addition to the collection ‘A Child’s Delight’, which will be on-going, as it is a theme, that I believe will always inspire and motivate me. I’m fascinated in portraying the delightful marvel children display, as they see the world through such fresh and curious eyes.



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