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‘Duality’ – Oil on Canvas


Oil on Canvas – 46 cm x 61 cm
A striking balance between bold exaggeration and whimsical playfulness.

This is the key piece in the collection also titled ‘Duality’. This oil painting explores the male and female aspects of a human, striking up the balance between the two. The male represented here is painted in black and white, as I feel it’s quite a masculine attribute to see things in very straight-forward, black and white terms, emotionally and practically. He has this cheeky gesture, his finger to his lips, which I’d like to leave open for interpretation.

The female on the other hand is very colourful, the use of brush strokes is influenced by the beautiful impressionistic movement; Monet and Renoir in particular. I feel women have a more complex and multi-faceted way of processing things. Her expression and gesture is playful and almost whimsical, which makes for a beautiful contrast against the stark and exaggerated gesture of the male.

I believe both parts are equally important within ourselves, humanity and society; we ought to learn to nourish and appreciate both the bold, decisive approach and the analytical, yet intuitive method of living. Only then may we flourish as a well-rounded and balanced community.

Dimensions 4 × 46 × 61 cm


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