Life of an Artist – Blog #1: The Art of Journaling

The Art of Journaling

Welcome Friend,

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. It’s very exciting times as it is my very first entry.
I decided to give it a go and see how it feels. This will be a place where you can get to know my thoughts and ideas a little bit more.

To celebrate my new addition of Journal Designs I thought I’d dedicate this entry to…

The Art of Journaling

For me personally journaling has so many benefits. It’s quite funny because if anyone were to read my journal, they would think I lead a terrible life filled with so many problems and woes, but I really don’t. I just use my journal to be able to process my thoughts when I’m feeling sh*t or am going through difficult emotional turmoils. I find it so helpful to just get all of the internal chatter out of my head and onto paper, where I can then read it and evaluate that mad chatter. If you keep it all locked up in your head it just keeps flinging itself around, like a ping pong ball. It seems to me like each time these uncertain thoughts bounce around the walls of your head they amplify and get more obscure and unreasonable. Our brains are incredible at creating stories and beliefs to keep us safe.

When I let these internal stories and beliefs out I can read them back and see if they are even justified, sometimes I even feel quite silly having thought those thoughts. Journaling has helped me immensely to uphold my relationship with my partner of 8 years, aswell. It’s a great tool to assess whether the things that are bothering me are my baggage or his baggage and to be able to word my issues in a more rational less triggered way than if I try to just talk to him about it.

Then once I’ve gathered and written out my thoughts and figured out if it’s me or him I can have a civilized conversation, from a place of calm. It usually works wonders.

Another great feature about journaling is it’s an amazing tool to help me make decisions. I then generally start by asking my book the direct question and just start writing the answer without thinking about it too much. If it’s a decision between two things I’ll draw out a little pro’s and con’s list which can work wonders! Even if it is to identify what you secretly know you want already by writing down the most ridiculous pros or cons haha!

Well I hope this all made sense and you got some new insight from my rambling. Do you journal? I highly recommend starting if you don’t already! Let me know your thoughts about this in the comments below.

Much love

Natalie xxx

PS: If you’re in need of a journal head to my Shop of Art, I’ve just added a brand new range of unique Journals, with designs quite appropriately from my Artrapy Series….my form of Art Therapy!

3 thoughts on “Life of an Artist – Blog #1: The Art of Journaling”

  1. I think you are really ON to something! Writing everything down to get it out of your system and to reflect on it later, is a very good idea! And those journals look very unique and wonderful – Seems like some of your crazy thoughts are already coming out doing your artrapy 😀

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